A Guide To Identifying Kratom Leaf Varieties

Above: This is a bouquet of the three main kratom leaves. From left to right are White Vein, Red Vein and Green Vein leaves. (Maeng Da is a fourth and last type known to us and appearing later)

Know Thy Kratom!

Although kratom is now a known name recognized by millions of people throughout the world there is still a lot lacking when it comes to proper documentation of the four varieties of these amazing trees. Not one picture exists online with the three kratom vein types together for comparison like in the photo above until now. With the millions of kratom followers and websites out there, why is there not more information available like this article?

I am not a trained botanist but I do know a lot about kratom as I am one of the few people who have actually spent over a decade travelling through the jungles of South East Asia and in particular, actively playing a role as a producer and wholesale supplier of kratom powder. Several times a year I go into the field to survey and source the best trees for harvesting wild kratom. I have always been interested in the culture and plants of this part of the world and as a result I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in this area that I believe many people will find educational and that I will be sharing here and in future articles.

For the record: To my knowledge I have never found or seen a Yellow Vein Kratom. They are most likely a marketing/sales fabrication to sound more exotic in order to drive more sales, or it could possibly be a White Vein confused as a unique species (sorry if this disappoints you!).

Above: An incredible kratom flower bud before blossoming.

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