Why The Bad Rep?

Before we start, what is Kratom? It is a plant in the coffee family (they are practically sisters) called Mytragyna Speciosa. Native to the southern part of Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar. Traditionally, people use Kratom to alleviate pain, improve their mood, overcome insomnia and depression, increase energy and motivation. To add a sense to their well being.
A lot of people who suffers from chronic pain, once they found out about Kratom usually go with it and never look back. For them it is an option to live holistically without being dependant on prescribed medication. The same with drug addicts who wants to call it quit. Rather than putting more substance into their body to flush out the bad chemical, they let their body heals with nature’s way.
But its not all sugar and sweets, just like everything else Kratom can show some side effect to certain people when they are getting too much. The most common sides are vomiting, nausea and upset stomach. Even this Therefore it is important to measure yourself accordingly.

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